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Welcome to Smile Sensations Dentistry

Learn what's behind Fairfield County Connecticut's #1 source for dental education, prevention and treatment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry starts with healthy teeth and gums. When was your last oral health exam? It’s important to have your teeth cleaned and examined every six months. Find out more about our preventative dentistry services.

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Dr. Stephen H. Wolpo will help you achieve optimum oral health whether you need dental crowns, cosmetic services such as porcelain veneers and tooth whitening, or restorative dental treatment such as implants or custom dentures

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High - Tech Ionic Toothbrush

Reverses polarity, causing plaque to release from teeth.

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The Smile Sensations Team

The Smile Sensations team of friendly, caring professionals is specially trained in the latest techniques of virtually "pain-free" sedation dentistry. Even patients who are apprehensive about receiving dental care experience an enjoyable and relaxing time from the very beginning to the end of their visit. This attracts patients from all over the Fairfield County area, who receive the best in dental treatment in an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Weddings & Special Occasions

Congratulations, you're getting married. Your gown or tuxedo will be spectacular and your hair carefully coiffed. But will your smile be picture perfect? What about your stained, uneven, or chipped teeth or "gummy" smile? While special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or school reunions are happy events, they can leave you feeling anxious about your appearance. Don't worry. Creating stunning, healthy smiles is what Dr. Wolpo is all about.


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Ask Dr. Wolpo

When should my children have their first dental checkup?

We usually start seeing children for their checkup visits at around age 3. The earlier we can introduce your children to dental health, the more comfortable they will become. They will also learn how to develop good dental habits that will keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime! If you notice any discoloration, broken teeth, pain, or other problems, of course we will want to examine them earlier.

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Bleeding gums can be a sign of a more serious problem such as gum disease, systemic disease or a nutritional deficiency. It is very important that we examine you on a regular basis to prevent any of these problems. We will also show you how to keep your teeth healthy at home to prevent any bleeding or swelling.

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When you brush your teeth, the toothbrush is unable to clean your teeth on the “in between” surfaces. Where your teeth touch each other is very important to clean because that is where flossing cavities and gum disease usually start. Flossing on a daily basis helps prevent gum disease and painful, bleeding gums.

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