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Dental Educational Videos

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Cosmetic Dentistry: What would you like to change?

Whiter teeth? Remove unsightly gaps? Correct positioning? Fix a cracked tooth? Imagine your new confidence! More...

Pediatric Dentistry: Whose oral health is important to you?

The ADA recommends your child be seen within the first six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Teething, thumb sucking, more...

Preventative Dentistry: What's at stake?

Healthy gums look and feel great, save health care costs, prevent life-threatening disease such as gum disease and oral cancer. More...

Restorative Dentistry: Why not love yourself back to your best oral health?

Beautiful porcelain crowns, implants, inlays, onlays, custom dentures, root canals, mercury-free fillings, More...

Special Issues: What symptoms are of concern now?

Bleeding gums (periodontal disease--danger to heart health), tight, sore jaw (TMJ), snoring, More...

Products: Why wait for new technology oral health care?

The ionic toothbrush causes teeth to release plaque! Coming soon, Dr. Wolpo's new line of high-tech oral care products. More...

Resource Library: How does up-to-date knowledge empower you?

Empower yourself towards your best health with over 200 engaging educational videos, animations and articles. More...

Contact Us: What better time than now?

We know that your choice of a family dentist is based on skill, personality and a quality team. More...

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Dental Educational Videos

From Fairfield County's #1 "Go To" Source for Dental Education, Prevention and Treatment! The information in these 50 brief, entertaining videos will help you take full advantage of the benefits of modern dentistry, increasing your overall satisfaction with your experience at Smile Sensations, and improving your results.

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3) Periodontal


4) Endodontics


5) Maxillofacial


6) Sedation Dentistry




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With a well-earned reputation for safe, clinically advances and effective treatments, Dr. Wolpo uses the
most up-to-date and clinically advanced equipment and techniques, including cosmetic computer imaging,
the "painless" Waterlase Dental Laser, Invisalign"invisible" braces and LumaLight tooth whitening treatment.